party like a rockstar

January 24, 2009

music : FM Static- Three Days Later
eating : Candy!

maria's birthdayparty

skirt : H&M . Tee : Bik Bok

I miss my old weekends, where I used to just sit on the computer and chill. Now I’m always doing something in the weekends. It’s not that it is an bad thing, I really like spending more time with my friends and stuff, but I always get so freaking tired and fall asleep early and wake up early. We should have had a day off in the middle of the week like Tuesday or Wednesday to just relax.

Today I’ve spent some time with Yvonne, and I went to Maria’s birthday party.
Maria lived in the woods, so I would have had no chance of finding the place myself, so luckily I got a ride whit another friend, yeey! At Maria’s we watched Sweeney Todd, it was okay, but really disgusting! Afterwards we just talked and took pictures, haha. I am so not photogenic. I’ll probably post some pictures later if Maria gets to the part where she is supposed to send them to me d:

What do you usually do in your weekends, and did you do something special this week? C:


One Response to “party like a rockstar”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    You dislike to spend your weekends with me?
    Oh no. I thought we were BFFFFFFFF’s 😥

    Oja, liker bloggen din btw.. The Design (:

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