rest in peace

January 26, 2009

I’ve always had this friend. We’d been friends since I was born, and he growed up living whit both his parents, until 4th grade or so, when they split. It was nothing big, and they were still friends and lived not far from each other. When we started 7th grade, or around there, his mom got a new boyfriend. I did not like this guy at first, probably he was so honest, and at the same time he joked about everything. But that did not mean I did not like him. After a while I got more used to him and found out that he was actually really nice. He kind of reminded me of my friends dad in some ways. And everything was okay, until one day in the summer last year. They went to a family trip to Turkey, and my friends mom’s boyfriend felt pain in his chest. When they got back he decided to get his chest checked by the doctor, and after a while he got the bad news. He had lung cancer.
This was the summer we were going to start in 9th grade. I heard about the man all the time, but did never visit him. I don’t really now why, and I kind of regret that now. Yesterday he passed away. He’s lungs just stopped working.

It’s so sad, and I don’t really know how I’m supposed to react to this x.x My friend did not show up to school today, and I get him. He was so freaked out yesterday, all he knew whas that his moms boyfriend did not breath.
My moms mom also passed away by cancer, and it’s such a bad thing. I never got to meet her and my mom lost here mom when she was 16/17. It’s so freaking unfair >.<

Just had to get it of my mind.


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