picture it

January 29, 2009

I’ve bought a new camera, I’ve bought a new camera

super camera!

If you guesed that I bought a new camera, then you’re right! Congratulations! I bought a Canon EOS 1000D, it’s really great, and easy to take pictures whit, and ten times better than my digital camera. Hehe!
So now I’m probably going to try to start taking pictures of “todays outfit”-thingy. But not today, because I’m to lazy.

We have this movie report we have to write about that has to be in tomorrow, about a movie named Ransom. And I feel like I’ve been writing all day, but aparently I haven’t because I’m not near finished with it. But I’ll do it tomorrwo. I’ll just lock myself in my room and not answear anyone when they knock on the door. Mabye I’ll get it finished in time. Hehe!


One Response to “picture it”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Ooh, your camera looks so much better than mine. I´m jealous :p

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