I’m lazy

February 4, 2009

War is one of the most stupid things I can think of, right now I can’t think of anything worse. A serial killer is better then war, he’ll kill less people than the war at least, but that does not make it okay to be a serial killer, but is there a law about wars? (just wondering)
I could write about wars forever, but I won’t because I’m going to bed now and read about “the GREAT war” / World War 1, because were having an test on that tomorrow (; (That and Titanic, haha)

I’m to tired to think of anything else to write about so I’ll just post some pictures from last weekend. Yvonne, Tonje, Susann, Ingrid (not long) and I had a “movie night” on my garage, so I’ll just post some pictures and pray to god that Yvonne or someone won’t kill me (:

more pictures will come when I get the time (:



3 Responses to “I’m lazy”

  1. Pernille Says:

    I totally agree. war is really terrible. :/

  2. Shini Says:

    Wars are terrible, I agree. About laws, wars have been happening for such a long long time that I’m sure there are rules, or at least etiquettes and manners. I can imagine a lot of them coming into play in the Roman Empire days, but of course we all know of ambushes and sneaky play… I prefer learning about WWII instead of WWI because the Great war is just about everyone running into the no-man’s land and getting shot, or mustard gas…bowring, very little tactics. (Sorry I’m kinda a war freak)

  3. Shini Says:

    I loove your garage btw, looks so cosy and the walls + doors are so nice 😀

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