I just wanna have fun

February 14, 2009

I don’t wanna be told to grow up
and I don’t wanna change
I just wanna have fun

I dont want to grow up!

me wearing ” green tee : cubus , jeans : BikBok , shoes : Converse

Today I and Yvonne went to Bergen, for no special reason. It’s an hour away so we took the bus.

We just went into different stores, and I brought my fabulous camera and took pictures of Yvonne. So there was not many pictures of me so that is why there is almost just pictures of Yvonne in my super collage thingy.I’m broke so I did not buy anything, but I made myself a things I want to buy list. Those purple converse is really high on that list!

So what did you do today?


2 Responses to “I just wanna have fun”

  1. Shini Says:

    I love spontaneous trips too! Not that I have anywhere to go… looks like such a fun day :D!

  2. Marthine Says:

    Jeg har lest alle bøkene jeg og, men jeg likte filmen forde egentlig 🙂 hihi

    så koselig. Har det for meg at foreldre får veldig mye bøker av barna sine :p men de liker det så… 🙂

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