shade of blue that verged on purple

February 27, 2009

Oh My Gosh! OME! OMJ! OMJ! OMG!

I was so down for like five minutes ago. Then I logged into my e-mail and saw I’d gotten an answer on an e-mail to a book club yesterday. It told me almost what I wanted to know, and I got a little bit happier, and then I where just randomly googeling the book titles in hope of finding something. I found a person selling those books, cheap. It stood that the add was old, but it ended 12.10.08 . So mabye, if I pray the girl who sell’s them still has them, answers me, and tells me that I can buy them. I hope so, but who knows`? x)

pray for me?

the books are
– Utakk er verdens lønn
– Sannhetens øyeblikk
– Med livet som innsats

(norwegian names are all I know
their written by Norah McClintock and is a part of the Robyn Hunter-Series ( :

So, yeah. *pray, pray, pray*

take care 🙂


One Response to “shade of blue that verged on purple”

  1. mustapha Says:

    Des paroles de douceur,
    Des moments de bonheur.
    Des regards échangés,
    Un zeste de complicité.
    Des étoiles dans les yeux,
    La joie d’être deux.
    Main dans la main,
    Suivre le même chemin.
    Des rêves plein le coeur,
    Que du plaisir, aucune rancoeur.
    Aimer et oublier
    Les blessures du passé.
    Juste la magie de l’amour,
    Une belle vie pour toujours.

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