a world full of killing and blood spilling

April 9, 2009
“”sorry forthe sucky header, hate it x.x“”

“Noo Dean, don’t give up!”
Just watched supernatural, season 4, episode 16.

My mom has to be my ultimate hero. I can just walk out of the house, cycle over to Yvi’s place, be there for a while, cycle home again, and she had had the time to tidy, vacuum and wash my whole room! I love you mom (: I’m not exactly the tidiest person you’ll meet, hehe. My room looked really awful when I left it earlier, and now it’s, it’s pretty :F hehe. So mom, you are my hero (:

Enna and Yvi are two talented people to ride one bike, I just have to tell you that. You should have seen us. (Or maybe not) haha. Just telling you ;}

soo C’yah cutiepie!

yvonne 'yvi' p.
yvi outside “kyrkjetunet” / “church thing”

enna in the store
me in a store, you have to love me! >.<

enna again
caz I’m ‘soo’ hot

I just kind of liked this picture, haha


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