rabits can be evil

May 29, 2009

Rhubarb stealing  kids make me mad. Not the fact that they actually stole the rhubarb but that they ruined my photo-mood, haha.
I was out taking picture in my neighborhood and I saw four kids running from my neighbors back yard. So I went over to them, and asked for names. They looked so scared when I asked , it was kind of funny. Like they had seen a ghost or something. Those big eyes, and the fact that they were trying to hide the rhubarb behind their back. I did those kinds of things when I was younger as well, so I could not stay mad at them, so I’ll let the neighbor deal with that if my mom decide to tell him. Not that he is mean or anything, he is like the nicest old man I know, and his wife is just as nice.

Befor all this had I taken some pictures I’m going to post in a few.


One Response to “rabits can be evil”

  1. Jenna Says:

    thank you! I love those glasses too. I wear them like every day now! 😮 oh and I´m sorry it took me forever to reply… I´m lazy and I keep forgetting things haha. -Jenna

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