he goes to a café while the other boys

August 29, 2009

I came back from my class trip yesterday. After a 10 hour long trip, 9 of those hours spent on a hot buss with no places to put your legs and a view of only trees and water. But I survived.
The last week (Monday 24th to Friday 28th in august) I and my class have been on a class trip. This is something every class does on our school in the beginning of their last year. We get 2 or 3 places to chose from and they have to be setteled in Norway or on a boat, so you don’t really got much to pick from. We ended up at this activity camp called TrollAktiv, which means troll/ ogre active , haha. And we got to pick our own activities, we had 2 activities a day on Tuesday, wednesday and Thursday, (the other two days we used for traveling.)

These activities where really fun, the first day / Tuesday we had Team Building (teams competing in different fun team challenges) and Rafting, which was AWSOME! I thought rafting where going to be really scary, but it was super fun! We got these funny suits to wear while rafting so everyone looked like frogs, haha. Awsome!
On Wednesday we had Go-Cart and climbing, I did not to the go-cart part but I did climb, and it’s really fun to climb. But I’m scared of height so I did not dare to climb all the way up. haha.
And on thursday we had paint ball and banana boat, I did not do any of those either because I was having a cold that day, but everyone thought it was really fun ; )

At the same time that we where there, there were also some other people. Some weird ones from Kristiansand which went away on Wednesday (yey!), and some awsome Danish people who went away the same day as us. We got to kinda know some of the Danish people, and they where really nice and stuff, so that was fun.

I’m bored of writing, haha. SpellCheck.Net here I come.
peace out dudes.

some pictures can be found at my facebook … zomg

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