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the hungergames

January 26, 2010

just needed to share what I think Peeta looks like. If you have not read the books go do so now!


alexander ludwig

Voulez-Vous, aha

January 26, 2010

I did actually draw a face today. But it was on my computer so I have no way to take a picture of it that does not involve a wire. I am way to lazy to find a wire.

Anyways. My head hurts, and my eyes are all weird, and I feel sick. I hate it. Not beeing able to talk like a normal person, breath, even smile without dying of coughing.

Anyways, I bought a prom dress for myself yesterday. Oh, I like it! It’s long and black. And very hard to describe, haha. But I like it alot! So then I have to buy shoes tomorrow or on thursday. Hopefully I feel better then!