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come to me my friend

October 25, 2009

I’m going to save up money for a Apple MacBook. Or at least I really want to save up for one. They are so beautiful, and easy to transport. The look is so minimalistic and the picture so clear. I don’t know how else to put it, but I need one.

i dream of

October 25, 2009

Mom, dear dear mom, please let me order these?
The world would have been so much easier if i had a lot of money and my own credit card.

Punkrose, OG leopard sneakers.

she refused x.x I give up.
I need to go shopping soon, can’t wait for my birthday, hopefully I’ll get lots of money!

the very best of net-a-porter

October 25, 2009



alexander mcqueen

alexander wang

alice + olivia

aubin & willis

christian louboutin

donna karan

dr. martens


haute hippie

helmut lang

kova & t

enna loves luella

marc by marc jacobs

marc jacobs

mike & chris


enna loves notte by marchesa

(my prom dress if i’d had the money and someone to make it shorter!)

paul & joe sister



see by chloé



well, winters coming

October 24, 2009

I dream of an awesome leather or leather alike  jacket and a really cute tweed coat/jacket.


I love bikerboots

October 24, 2009

so beautiful. I have some that looks like these, but they’re not nearly as wonderfull.

it’s time for your last dance

October 23, 2009

love it

live it like it’s the only one you got

October 22, 2009

to do this weekend.

  • start at my halloween-costume, haha.
  • homework. yeah, (ole martin looked starnge at me to [hahaha])
  • sleep alot
  • chill, watch movies, and catch up with OTH and SN

think that’s it.
haha, take care

would you fo it for me

October 15, 2009


så reiste jeg å yvi til oslo på kristent drama kurs.
take care.

I’ll be playing dead with you

October 15, 2009

åsså har jeg applied for a new host, så håper jeg får opp en grafisk side soon.

jr versjon av dean i supernatural, so freaking pretty!

overtrøtt, ikke mere batteri på dataen
goodnight world

I have my moments.

October 15, 2009

Å vere lykkelig. Høres så bra ut. Tenk å vere virkelig lykkelig. Går det an? Alle har jo vert lykkelig ein gang, men tenk å vere lykkelig nesten heile tida, vere fornøyd med verden som den er.

Sounds so pretty.